Foundation Sponsorships

Are you interested in having your business be an official Celebrate Great Falls Foundation sponsor?  We would love to have your support! 

Foundation sponsorships are limited to businesses and organizations located in Great Falls, or those that have a specific tie to Great Falls such as an owner who is a resident.  There is also a limited number of spots available per business category.

We have four Foundation Sponsorship levels available, starting at $1000 per year:  Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

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- Get involved in your hometown traditions

- Help ensure Great Falls has the resources to support our community events

- Receive endorsement from Celebrate Great Falls as a reputable and recommended business

- Expand your customer base and build a loyal following

- Optimize your marketing and advertising budget within Great Falls

- Enjoy continued, targeted exposure throughout the year

- Increase cross-marketing opportunities with other Celebrate Great Falls Foundation sponsors

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